One day I'll look back at this collection of emotions and see that "things" never changed.

Lately I’ve been feeling like my feet are anchored down and theres water rising all around me and it’s at the point where I can only breath from my nose and it just sucks because I can’t even do anything to help myself. 

I know your not supposed to show weakness, 
but the thing is, I find it strong to be weak, to be able to have a complete break down and still have faith in yourself. 


I just saw Catching Fire and when Katniss says to Peeta ‘see you at midnight’ some girl screamed NO YOU WONT and literally fell out of her chair sobbing

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F R I E N D S.

Were did the idea come from that you could have someone care about you as much as you care about them??

I have yet to find a a real friend that prioritizes me. 
It hurts to see the people you prioritize go out of their way to HURT you.